Appraisers. Go on vacation.

It’s time. That last appraisal is done. Review completed. Vacation scheduled. It’s go time.  There’re few professionals that need a vacation more than appraisers. Most

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Do something

What’s being ignored in your appraisal department? Maybe it’s taking time to implement an appraisal ordering platform. As an appraisal firm owner, maybe it’s thinking

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Hug an appraiser day

Congress approved “Hug an Appraiser Day” as a federal holiday. It’s September 21st. No they didn’t, but they should. Commercial fee and bank appraisers work

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Can we get on the same page? 

Just like EOS (entrepreneurial operating system), AOS (appraiser operating system) can be a set of concepts and tools used by bank and fee appraisers to

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Commercial Evaluation Report Template

Commercial evaluations that comply with USPAP.

Eval format that your department and fee appraisers can use right now.