What’s being ignored in your appraisal department? Maybe it’s taking time to implement an appraisal ordering platform.

As an appraisal firm owner, maybe it’s thinking you’ll get around to report writing but never do.

What’s the negative consequences of inaction?

Unfinished business

Do you ever get frustrated at unfinished tasks? Does it bug you? Are you waiting for the right time, inspiration or motivation?

Think of things you started to try to resolve but you never got it done and you moved on to something else. When the unfixed thing comes back, you get annoyed. Can’t quite get to the finish line with lots of small and large projects.

Shiny object syndrome (SOS)

I noticed today that the water filter in our office refrigerator needed replacing. I initially thought, let me just get the correct filter, quick order from Amazon, and replace it. Then I thought (like an appraiser) and wondered if I should upgrade our water filter.

This led me down a 45 minute rabbit hole of Googling. Reverse osmosis filters, mechanical filters, absorption filters, sequestration filters and ion exchange filters. After lots of analysis, weighing the pluses and minuses, in the end I did nothing. I just went back to work. A couple hours later, I noticed the simple task was never completed. I got sidetracked again writing this blog and never ordered the filter. Fail.

Chasing perfection rainbows

This story exemplifies how we don’t improve our processes because there’s always work to do. We get going considering a particular solution but then divert and start considering other options. The problem is, as appraisers, we go way too deep evaluating and never pull the trigger. As a result, we have unfinished projects.

My friend has a joke she tells her girlfriends about their husbands. Things that need to be done around the house that never get completed. They joke about “do something”, even if it’s a temporary fix. Address what’s right in front of you. Don’t just let it pile up, just to do something. You know it should be fixed.

Schedule time for the deep dive

So why do some of us struggle with completing tasks whether small or large? Often it’s too many choices, but as appraisers we have an additional layer of analysis paralysis. It’s like some commercial appraisers I know. They struggle to conclude to a final market value. They go back and research some more. No finish line. No confidence. No productivity.

“Allocate time to consider options, then act on it until its successful completion.”

Due Monday? Do Monday

Waiting until the last minute? Kicking the can of not making decisions shows up at work. For commercial appraisers, it’s the inconsistent use of a comp database, lack of effective report writing and no consideration to management software tools.

For appraisal departments, kicking the can shows up with lack of transparency, limited reporting and running your department with Excel spreadsheets. With increases in volume, trying to manage a department with Excel and Outlook takes up a lot of your time. Very labor intensive.

Another reason for procrastination is we’re all very busy. But are we busy because of unmade decisions?

“If a task is once begun, never leave it ’till it’s done.”

Your time is valuable.

Do something.