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About Realwired

We are a growing group of driven, self-motivated, honest, fun-loving people who want to help banks and commercial appraisal firms be more successful. We have been profitably creating and selling software since we were originally formed in 1995 with no outside investment.

Our Products

YouConnect is an enterprise SaaS platform that enables banks to manage appraisal and environmental workflows.

DataComp Suite software simplifies real estate appraisal creation for commercial fee appraisers.

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Open Positions


We believe people are at their best when they can operate freely and have a healthy work-life balance. That’s why we offer:

Our Values

Lending and credit departments can ensure a clear line of communication.


We value an ongoing pursuit of improvement, personally and professionally.

Always Do Good

“ADG” as we call it. We go the extra mile even if there is no expected return for doing so.


We believe we are at our best when we can operate freely.


We value determination. We never shy away from a challenge and relentlessly persevere towards overcoming roadblocks.

Positive Environment

We choose to be positive in all our interactions.


We strive to be as transparent as possible with employees, customers, and partners.

Our six step process

1. Review

Applicants are reviewed to ensure a good fit.

2. Initial Interview

We want to get to know you better!

3. Mini Project

You’ll perform a mini project to show off your skills.

4. Final Interview

The final interview is conducted with the team leads.

5. Offer

A carefully tailored offer is sent to the candidate.

6. Career Launch

Blast off into the future of productivity and unlimited possibility.

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