“You’re hired” are words rarely spoken in the valuation space. As commercial fee appraisers or appraisers in banks, we definitely can use the help. We’re all so busy. The appraiser shortage has officially started. 

It’s all about them 

Typical ads to hire an appraiser talk about what we want, not what they want. Many ads spell out employer needs – excellent writing skills, proficient in this or that software, college degree, 5-10 years’ experience, etc.  

Talk about yourself, your firm or bank as it relates to the new hire. Let’s say your bank has a new opening for a Valuation and Environmental Risk Analyst. What’s in it for them? One huge concept to consider is to allow largely remote work. This is the new normal, a highly coveted freedom perk. 

Need a new approach in an employee market 

Let’s call our fictitious bank, BB Bank. 

Job Posting 

BB Bank is a U.S. bank that defines innovation. That doesn’t excite you? Well maybe like many people, you think of banks as big and boring. The only reason for that appearance is due to the sophisticated software running behind the scenes (YouConnect), making sure things run smoothly and efficiently. Leveraging the automation of that software platform is exciting, allowing the department to thrive in productivity. 

Are you looking for a challenge and not just another lame job? Good. We are looking for someone like you, who is looking for a challenge; someone who wants to take and run with this valuation department to take it to the next level. Someone who thrives in working in multi-faceted roles. Someone who is friendly and able to work and communicate with sales, implementation, customers, vendors, and other risk management professionals. 

We are currently looking for someone based in the U.S. that has experience in supporting our Valuation and Environmental departments. 

This is a full-time position 

A Typical Day 

Desired Background 


Work wherever 

We all work remote. Want to go work on the beach? It’s up to you. 

40hour work week 

We all have our own lives. That’s why we work after all. We respect your time away and want you to be able to walk away from your work. 

Vacations and paid holidays 

Go on vacation. Take time away. As a guideline we offer 2 weeks of paid leave. Need a few more days? Not a problem. It’s just a number we pulled out of a hat. We will work with you to make sure there is functional coverage while you are away. 

Competitive salary 

We monitor industry salaries and make sure we’re paying in the top 25%, based on skills and experience, for every position. Salaries are standardized on the [insert city] market. 

Health, Dental and Vision insurance 

We offer a multitude of options for Health, Dental, and HSA accounts for you and your family or domestic partner. We pitch in to whichever plan you pick. 

Paid parental leave 

Family is very important to us. Whenever you welcome a new baby, we encourage you to leave as the primary caregiver and as a secondary caregiver. Let’s chat. 

Hardware and software Remote Work Package 

Whatever hardware or software you need to do your job will always be covered by us, such as DataComp Suite. 

Office stipend 

We will work with you to cover any reasonable cost associated with a personal office outside of your home. 

Charitable matching 

We love a good cause that excites you. We can have a conversation.  

Fitness allowance 

We will pay up to $50 a month for whatever it is that you do to stay in shape. 

A little about us 

A group of driven, self-motivated, honest, fun-loving people who want to help banks be more successful. 

Values we hold near and dear to us 


We believe we are at our best when we can each operate freely. 


We value an ongoing pursuit of improvement; personally and professionally. 

Always Do Good 

“ADG” as we call it. We go the extra mile even if there is no expected return for doing so. 


We value determination. We never shy away from a challenge and relentlessly persevere towards overcoming roadblocks. 

Positive Environment 

We choose to be positive in all of our interactions. 


We strive to be as transparent as possible with employees, customers, and partners. 

What the Future Holds 

There are multiple avenues of career growth. You will have a runway to grow into the Valuation and Environmental Risk Analyst. In many ways, it really will be up to you and your strengths. If you’re ready to go you can step right into the position with training from our team.  

A little about you 

You are a highly driven person. One others may consider an “over achiever”. You are inquisitive; always wanting to learn more. You are reliable, personable, and mostly cheerful; having a positive impact on others is important to you. 

If this sounds like you, then this bank might be the right place for you. “You’re hired!”