As an appraisal department manager, why are you so worried about lender push back?  

If worrying has so many drawbacks, then why do you do it? 

A pessimist describes the state of mind of someone who always expects the worst. A realist is a person who can look at things as they are and deal with it in a practical manner. The sweet spot for your appraisal department is optimism with technology. Maximize the way you currently work now. Get the custom tweaking that you need resulting in good outcomes. 

I started off my commercial appraisal career as a pessimist, then over the years, became a realist. Over time, I “realized” that being a realist wasn’t much better than being a pessimist. Today I’m an optimist, which took a lot of effort. I think being an optimistic is so much more productive

Worry interferes with problem-solving 

No one wants that lender phone call, “Why’d you kill my deal?” Having the transparency of appraisal workflow platform allows for a quick and educated response. You’re in total control, which facilitates optimism versus nervous reactionary mode. It’s getting harder with appraisal volume spikes along with the appraiser shortage. Something has to give. 

Supported technology can lessen the worry 

Appraisal department managers juggle a lot of balls. They have the C-suite to report to, lenders to respond to, appraisal vendors to manage and borrowers that need some hand-holding on occasion. This can cause stress. Taking an optimistic attitude along with the implementation of awesome workflow (YouConnect) can go a long way to reduce stress. 

8 Reasons to be an optimist appraiser

  1. Anticipation should be a welcome expectation as you approach your work week.  
  1. Certainty that your workflow will work the way you do.  
  1. Confidence that your team has the appropriate tools to do their jobs.  
  1. Elation to easily track all work in progress.  
  1. Enthusiasm that the drudgery has been replaced with automation.  
  1. Expectations to C-suite with reporting meeting your SLA’s.  
  1. Happiness of enjoying your job a lot more.  
  1. Trust that your appraisal department is headed in the right direction.  

There’s a reason Disney doesn’t have mosquitoes 

With thousands of acres in hot Central Florida, how does Disney do it? The magic is…flowing water. In your appraisal department, what’s the one magic thing that’s really important for you to keep away your “mosquitoes?” Is it the transparency of appraisal workflow dashboard, custom reporting, custom engagement letters, custom process, custom vendor grading, custom collateral mapping, etc.? 

Pessimism is anger without enthusiasm 

Anger can be a good motivator to change things. Are you at a point thinking, “There’s gotta be a better way.” You deserve to have excellent client success service. You deserve the “white glove” response from our appraisal platform provider. Find a software company that really wants you to succeed. Our success is your success. Be an optimist, your appraisal department will thank you for it. Do better.