What does success look like for appraisers?

List the goals you want to accomplish in the next 12 months. State the goals beginning with “I” as if you have already completed them.

“I have fully implemented Edge report writing at my appraisal firm.”

“I chose YouConnect to run my appraisal department and I’m hitting all my SLAs.”

Focus on a single indicator of success.

Your success

At the office, or more accurately working remotely, what does success look like for commercial appraisers? What’s your single indicator of success? Is it your monthly production? That’s not a bad metric, but it’s one dimensional. As an appraisal manager, running your department “problem free” is a great goal to achieve. But how do you measure that?

The challenge for many of us is making a success list. Personally, it might be weight loss, better cardio or just wanting to look and feel better. Professionally, maybe it’s creating an awesome office culture.

New habits

One technique to help create a success list is to write down all the things that didn’t go well during your work week. Document little, medium and big issues during that week. Then ask yourself, did I have to experience these problems or could I create a process to avoid the problems in the first place? A new habit will involve investment of your time.

Focus of focusing

Make a success list on a piece of paper. Just brain dump, don’t think too hard. Pull out another piece of paper and write down one leading indicator of success. Now list out the commitments and new habits you need to make that goal successful.

Next step, decide what you’re going to do every day without fail. This is a mindset change that you’re willing to commit to an activity. The choice needs to be in your heart. Commit like your life depends on it. No holding back.

Doing too many things

If you haven’t obtained the success you’ve defined for yourself, maybe you’re missing the daily habit. For many of us that involves doing too many things. It means oftentimes we’re doing the wrong things. Endure: How to Work Hard, Outlast, and Keep Hammering by Cameron Hanes is a book about a bow hunter, weightlifter and ultra-marathoner.

“If you want success and haven’t achieved it,
maybe you’re doing too many things. Not the right things.”

Cam unapologetically promotes hard work in his book. Sometimes hard work is not given the credit it deserves. It’s why Gary V always talks about “Put in the work.” He says to be patient.

As a kid, you might’ve played wiffle ball. “Whiffling” comes to mind when I think of missed goals I set for myself but didn’t achieve. Whiff! For many commercial appraisers, report writing remains elusive. For appraisal managers, crushing their SLAs while providing transparency to lending might be elusive. It’s OK. Like Gary V says, “Real success takes time.” 

Challenging yet achievable

My sensei thought of a great idea of using martial arts to improve fitness regardless of age. This is a clearly defined indicator of success. He called it Minus 10, with the tagline “Want to look and feel 10 years younger?” Martial art doesn’t need to be limited to kids and MMA fighters. It’s body, mind and soul body of knowledge that would help anyone with balance, conditioning, self-defense, mindfulness, and ultimately humbleness.

The goal for Minus 10 is to be challenging yet achievable. An activity that you could incorporate into your life daily. This is the same for your goals. Unlike New Year’s Eve resolutions, determining your indicator of success takes some thought.

Climb that Mountain, whatever that may be. Personally, and professionally.

Daily work, head-down to achieve excellence, Win.

What’s your indicator of success? Get it done.