Is it time to step outside of our box?

We’re not just bank appraisers.
Bank appraisers are more than what’s between the covers of an appraisal. We’re risk managers.

We’re not just fee appraisers.
Fee appraisers are more than vendors. We’re due diligence experts.

We’re both responsible for defining the risk management objectives that our team delivers on.

When’s the last time we’ve come together to talk (other than to discuss a report)?

Can we meet?

Phoenix rising

The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford is insightful. The book is a story about how DevOps is used as a way to integrate IT into the business rather than being an outside disjoined function.

Is your technology something you only consider when you have the time? Or is it integral to your daily tactical work and strategic vison? What’s the true cost of inaction to your appraisal firm or appraisal department at your bank? Do the math. Consider making technology your first thought in how to solve productivity issues.

Technology is great but it doesn’t do much if you don’t get together to leverage it. Getting everybody on board with full implementation is a game changer. Phoenix represents transformation, strength and renewal.

Gain confidence

Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us All by David M. Kelley and Tom Kelley helps get us innovate and tap into how we approach and solve problems. The book can help be more productive and successful in our personal and professional lives. It’s a call to action to help becoming comfortable with thinking creatively, trying new things, collaborating, and iterating new ideas. The goal is to gain confidence.

Untapped potential

Innovate is defined as: make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products. I think many of us feel too busy to take the time to change something that’s established. Key to the definition is the word “new.”

David Sacks (PayPal/Yammer/Craft Ventures) talks about his execs being t-shaped in that they have deep understanding of their area, but broadly understand the whole organization. Adam Grant on a Hidden Brain podcast talked about creating a safe place to change your mind and make mistakes. When I was talking to Etienne de Bruin, our CTO coach from South Africa, he gave me this nugget.

Clarity of business objectives makes
prioritizing tech projects easier.”
Etienne de Bruin

Without clarity it’s all pulled out of a hat. Trust and safety, bring your team to the leadership level. Faster learning results.

I’m baffled when investors won’t spend $3,000 for an appraisal for a $2.0 million property. It’s too much money, really? They Google it, talk to some random people until they “feel good” about their purchase. I’m equally baffled why some don’t invest in their own business. Not just software, but investing in coaches, documenting internal training, meeting consistently to discuss strategic game plans, creating initiatives, and discussing new ideas.

Stop Start Continue

One creative idea is to write down things that need to be improved. Stuff that annoys you. The format that works well is: Stop, Start and Continue. An example, how does a commercial appraiser manage heavy pipeline? Stop trying to manage your office with Outlook and sticky pads. Start managing your entire office with a workflow app like Manager. Continue to have your appraisers meet their production goals while servicing clients with on-time reports.

Appraiser presence

An example of coming together is the recent Appraisal Institute LDAC meeting in DC. Even the acronym is helpful for our siloed industry, “Leadership Development and Advisory Council.” LDAC establishes an “appraiser presence” in Congress. We can use more “appraiser presence” in the market.

Pick up the phone. Have coffee. Meet for drinks. Get back to talking, meeting, and driving understanding with each other. Do this internally and externally with bank and fee appraisers.

Break down the siloes.

1. Be the person to do the work… to have the outcome.

2. Show up today like the person that you want to be tomorrow.

3. Be grateful for the abundance in your life.

Is it time to step outside of our box?

Come together. Right now.