A Letter to Your Future Self

A goal-setting technique is to write a letter to yourself today pretending it’s Q1 2025, reflecting on events as if they’ve been completed. What would you write to your future self? What did you accomplish? Maybe a project you’ve started that you hoped to finish. It brings next-level intention, self-focus and outcomes. Don’t feel foolish. […]

Is There a Secret to Staying Focused?

I have trouble focusing. I’m not talking about short-term focus needed to complete tasks. I’m not talking about having difficulty focusing because my brain is fuzzy, aching for a shot of caffeine. I’m not even talking about the lack of focus I sometimes have while practicing piano where my mind starts to wander, causing my […]

Can We Just Talk?

The last few months have enabled stress and uncertainty to seep into everyone’s psyche. It makes sense. Covid – a world pandemic; social unrest – bringing marches and even rioting, are a lot to deal with. And as expected, almost everybody is looking for a good outcome. And while it may sound trite, I believe […]

Provide for Yourself

I learned a long time ago that I had to provide and care deeply for myself, or I couldn’t provide or care for anyone else. This was a revolution for me. Before that, I was always “doing” for others, thinking I was being a good person. I’m not alone in coming to the realization that […]

What’s your Adaptability Score?

I want to sincerely ask you this week; How are you doing? I hope things are going in a positive direction for you and everyone you hold dear. My heart goes out to all the people negatively impacted as we continue to move through COVID-19. Unlike the financial crisis of 2008, no one caused this. […]

Change? Maybe. Uncertainty? No.

As humans we can handle change, but we do not do well with uncertainty. Given the enormous uncertainty everyone is experiencing, it’s no wonder that we’re a bit cranky and looking for answers that give us a path forward. And we’re all at different levels. I like the analogy a friend of mine gives. He […]