From Frustration to Fulfillment, A Kaizen Story

Steve is a Chief Appraiser of a $40B bank in the Southeast. He deals with FDIC audits, ROVs and gets pinged by his RMs. He’s got a lot on his plate – strategic planning, quality control, vendor management, risk management and stakeholder communication within the appraisal department. Steve’s tired of his entrenched inefficiencies with managing […]

Hiding in Plain Sight

“The appraisal industry has so many opportunities if we work together”, Cindy Chance Ph.D. and CEO of the Appraisal Institute. Cindy was gracious to present at our recent Chief Appraiser FIVA (Financial Institution Valuation Advisors) meeting. 5 Takeaways As an Appraisal Institute member for decades, I get it. You pay dues and don’t feel there’s […]

Banking’s Digital Jenga

In Jenga, players remove one block, then place the removed block on the top. This creates a taller, but increasingly unstable structure as the game progresses. Does this sound like your bank’s digital transformation? Bank C-Suite’s top priority in 2024: cut costs and drive efficiencies. Digital technology is the top answer to deliver savings. 45% […]

Foam Fades, Knowledge Stays: Rethinking Appraiser Education

The valuation profession’s education is like the car wash guy at the tunnel entrance. It’s a rinse-and-repeat mindset. Car wash guy waives his hand to align your tires and points to the sign that says: car in neutral, wipers off, hands off the steering wheel and foot off the petals. Doesn’t matter if you’re a […]

An appraiser looks at 60

Where are you in your life path? I hope you’re looking at life forward towards the bow (opportunity) and not the stern (regret). My birthday is today, placing me in the typical appraiser age bucket. I don’t feel that getting to the 6th floor of life is a big deal. I have employees and clients […]

People over profit

Last week a new DataComp Suite customer bought our software but then found out he couldn’t get out of his contract with a competing product. He missed the deadline to give notice. He signed our contract and we already ran his credit card. What should we do? It was an easy decision to return his […]