Leading with Trust: Essential Trait of Appraisers

Do you trust your appraisers? How about your reviewers and staff? How much do you trust them?  Trustworthy is being accountable, not perfect.  If you’re a reviewer, the first thing you do is look who wrote the appraisal. It’s a quick test to determine if you trust the report. As a fee or bank appraiser, […]

Skate where the puck is going

Wayne Gretzky’s overused sports metaphor, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” still has relevant legs. It speaks to innovation, looking to the future. Innovation is largely absent in our highly fractionalized valuation industry. Using only Windows 11, O365 and an HP 12c is NOT innovative. It’s […]

Not to do list

In my coaching sessions, I often get this question, “If a new founder took over your company, what’s the FIRST thing they’d change?” Insert your role as chief appraiser or appraisal firm owner and ask yourself the same question. This question puts pressure on us, where in our hearts we know we aren’t doing 100% […]

Revitalizing Valuation: A Wake-Up Call to Improve

The valuation profession is stalled. It’s at a tipping point. We’re stuck. We love what we do, but we’re struggling to see the positives. So how do we pivot our industry so we don’t grow to hate it? The wake-up call is getting our valuation industry unstuck. The discussions are the same and mostly negative, […]

How Process, Software and Culture Can Elevate Your Appraisal Business

If you’re like many commercial fee appraisers, you might be thinking about closing your doors. Selling to a national firm. Maybe you’ve already sold. Congratulations! To those who haven’t, read on. You’ve had your company for decades but you’ve run out of gas. Tired of the management. Tired of worrying about keeping your appraisers busy. […]

Data Privacy – Your Data is Your Data

Transaction data is vital for valuation departments and has a multitude of valuable uses from general decision making, to portfolio review and testing, predictive analytics, industry behavior and trends, underwriting support, making better and faster decisions, indexing, and more. At Realwired, we 100% believe that the data that is accumulated as part of your workflow […]