Appraisal Dept. Talent: Why Banks Shouldn’t Let Go

The pressure is on. With tightening margins, banks are scouring their balance sheets, hunting for opportunities to cut costs. However, it’s vital that in this quest for efficiency to understand that letting go of appraisal department talent is a HUGE mistake. If banks make the mistake of laying off these professionals to cut costs, we […]

Build your own house

What would you do differently if you were starting over with your bank? Would you build your team, vendors and technology differently? Do you still have passion for the valuation industry? This is a tale rooted in Zen philosophy, offering insights into the pursuit of personal excellence. Meticulous Work Ethic Kota was an architect from […]

Margin challenged environment: The Chief Appraiser’s role

How are your technology partners treating you in this margin challenged environment? Are they making your life easier or annoying you? Are you done? Strike 3? Time to change? When banks face shrinking interest margins, every role within the institution, especially that of the Chief Appraiser, should not just look at the “what” and the […]

The Journey to Mastery: The Chief Appraiser’s Path

What makes a Chief Appraiser great? Mastery and success don’t come from the monumental moments but from the diligent, everyday tasks. The path to greatness is paved by consistent effort, patience and commitment. Joshua Medcalf’s Chop Wood Carry Water highlights the goal of how to fall in love with the process of becoming great. The […]

What’s the Deal with Details

Job Manager: “So, can you give me some details about this property? Loan Officer: “Sure, it’s a… building. Maybe brick? Definitely has windows.” I tease but many loan officers see details as an inconvenience. Maybe they’re playing a game, trying to see if the appraiser can guess the rest. Sort of like charades but less […]

Help banks make more loans with confidence

The appraisal department is a pivotal player that can bridge the gap between sound collateral protection and lenders making more loans safely. What if there was a way to harmonize these two seemingly divergent objectives? Let’s find a way. Now, imagine if our appraisal department could wear both hats effectively. Beyond just assessing value, what […]